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2023 New Everyday Designs – Available July 2023

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2023 New Holiday Designs 

Holiday will be available to ship starting October 1, 2023


Full Ream Prices1-2 REAMS3 OR MORE
24”X 833’ Artist Point Original Designs$ 166.00$129.00
30”X 833’ Artist Point Original Designs$183.00$137.00
24”X 833’ Foils (prefix “F”)$205.00$158.00
30”X 833’ Foils (prefix “F”)$214.00$165.00
30”X 833’ Holographic$272.00$251.00
Half Ream Prices1-5 REAMS6 OR MORE
24”X 417’ Artist Point Original Designs$96.00$80.00
30”X 417’ Artist Point Original Designs$107.00$84.00
24”X 417’ Foils (prefix “F”)$119.00$96.00
30”X 417’ Foils (prefix “F”)$123.00$99.00